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Lip Service

Makeup - Lips

Lip Service


Lip Service



Lip Service (12ml) is a cosmeceutical daily lip treatment. It will protect lips from the effects of environmental ageing, and deeply hydrate giving a fuller and more youthful lip shape and texture. Lip service can be used as a night treatment and a multitasking day gloss with cosmeceutical benefits.

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump lips This naturally occurring sugar molecule is like a water sponge. It actually binds 1000 times its volume in water. It is able to penetrate the deeper layers of the lips to provide moisturisation and volume increase. Lips appear visibly plumper and more hydrated with daily application. Tripeptide complex to protect lips An active peptide which acts as an antioxidant to neutralise free radical damage and protect the delicate lips from environmental stress, damage and premature ageing. Pharmaceutical grade (pesticide free) pure lanolin Providing a natural breathable barrier, lanolin simultaneously protects, prevents dehydration and absorbs 400 times its weight in moisture. Stevia (natural sweetener) and spearmint essential oil No artificial flavour, the naturally sweet minty taste makes Synergie Lip Service good enough to eat- literally! Resist the temptation as your lips need it more than your taste buds!


Apply at night before bed or daily as needed. Apply under lipstick to enable penetration of active cosmeceutical ingredients.

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