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Sun Protection

Uberzinc Body (protective moisturiser)

SS_UberzincBody (100ml).jpg
SS_UberzincBody (100ml).jpg
SS_UberzincBody (100ml).jpg
SS_UberzincBody (100ml).jpg

Uberzinc Body (protective moisturiser)


Uberzinc Body (100ml) is the ultimate is protection and hydration for all body areas exposed to UV light. Unlike traditional natural sun protectors Uberzinc Body feels like a luxurious, non-greasy and deeply hydrating hand and body lotion. Uberzinc Body is a physical sunscreen and will not absorb into the skin.

Key Ingredients

21% Natural Zinc Oxide to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. This ingredient is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Vitamin D3 to replenish reduced Vitamin D3 levels from avoiding sun exposure. Australian Lemon Myrtle pure essential oil is a mood lifter, antiseptic and anti-fungal.


Apply to hands and arms prior to UV exposure. Pat onto the skin, do not rub vigorously. Re-apply if perspiring excessively, swimming or wiping the body. Re-application at two hourly intervals is advisable in extreme heat or humidity. Not recommended as a facial moisturiser due to higher oil content.

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